It is always a pleasure for me to to hear from people who want to know how they can have a custom piece of art from me. And there are many factors involved in the pricing, execution and delivery of a project. But since all projects tend to start in the same place, I'll try and address as many of the questions and concerns as I can here to help expedite the process. If after reading, something is unclear or if you have further questions then feel free to contact the studio.

Commissioned Works

What does it cost?

Understandably the first concern for most people is the cost involved. But without more information about the project or what you envision for yourself, that's impossible to answer. It's a bit like asking "How much does a car cost?" - there isn't just one answer. But the primary factor in pricing commissions is size. What size do you want your piece to be? How much space on a wall do you want it to take up? Do you want it in a common size that easily framed? Or is a unique size that will require you to purchase a custom framing?

The smallest size I can work in and still capture the necessary details is 13 inches by 17 inches. This is also commonly referred to as A3 paper size (29.7 x 42.0cm). There technically is no "largest" or maximum size. But up to 60 inches is common for a large wall or commercial piece.

What style do you want?

Custom artwork can vary in style. There can be straight watercolor on watercolor paper. Mixed media with ink. Line drawings. Lettering overlaid on the piece itself. Even splashes of acrylic. Variations in "looseness" and white space. If you don't know which you prefer, try to find works on this website or my Instagram that you think capture what you envision for yourself.

Where is it going?

One of the additional factors for me is shipping. Where it's going. How it will be packaged. How long will it take. How much insurance is required, etc. Pieces shipped within the US are generally free from additional charges - shipping fees are included. But when shipping a piece abroad, each project is unique and will require discussion. I ship all over the world so location is rarely disqualifying.



So before we begin, have an idea of the following:
What size do you want your piece to be?
What style or medium do you want it in?
And if outside the US, where is it going and how fast do you want it? Shipped and tracked in 3 days? Or 2-3 weeks for a smaller fee?


In addition to larger projects, I post small sketches and personal work on my Instagram. Follow to see the latest.